N Series Tips

  • Fuel/Air
  • N-0 thru N-3, N-4A – 7/16-24 (Female) Thd. Connection
  • N-4 & N-6A – 1/4 NPTF Thd. Connection
  • N-6 – 3/8 NPTF Thd. Connection

N Series tips are the most economical to operate and are used for soldering, brazing, melting, casting, etc.   Flames adjust from soft brush to sharp, high intensity, concentrated heat.

The N-4 (1/4 NPT Thd.) is available as the N-4A with a 7/16-24 Thd. for direct use on National Fuel/Air hand torches.

The N-6 (3/8 NPT Thd.) is primarily a manifold burner tip, but it is also available as the N-6A with a 1/4 NPT Thd. for direct use on the National 4B Industrial Torch.