All the same quality and features of the tried and true National 3A-B with the addition of 9/16-18, “B” size, threaded hose fittings, allowing an easier means of connecting your 3B-B torch.

Rotating Leak-Proof Union

A specially designed leak-proof “O” ring union permits the tip and elbow assembly to be rotated to any desired angle without the aid of a wrench.  Now the flame can be easily directed to allow the most comfortable torch/hand position.

Fuel Gas With Air or Oxygen

The National 3-A-B  torch operates efficiently on a variety of fuel gases (city, natural, mixed, propane, butane) with oxygen or compressed air.  The combinations of gases customarily employed are handled with equal ease.  This is because of the unique proportional gas mixers…just select the proper type of tip for the gases used and your application.

Economical To Operate And Own

The sturdy and dependable National 3A-B torch is both economical to operate and inexpensive to buy.  The torch operate with low pressure fuel gas @ .25 PSIG when air or oxygen is supplied @ 20 PSIG or more.

Part Number 34-10137