Flame Heads


Now you can increase the flexibility and the capability of your National 3A-B, 3B-B or 3H hand torch with a variety of different styles and sizes of Flame Heads.  Our Multiple Flame Heads will accept a wide range of National tips designed for the 3A, 3B, or 3H torches.

Each elbow requires multiple tips!  Purchase separately.

Arms of the Flame Heads are made from annealed copper so that they can easily be bent into new configurations.  Arm length and position of the tip can be modified to meet user requirements.

Part Numbers:

Model TW-8:  34-10349

Model TW-4:  34-10348   for 3A and 3B Torches 

Model TW-10:  34-10186

Model TW-8H:  34-10349-1

Model TW-4H:  34-10348-1  for 3C & 3H Torches

Model TW-10H:  34-10186-1

Model TW-44:   34-10399

Model TC-3H:  34-10358-H  for 3C and 3H Torches

Model TC-3:  34-10358  for 3A / 3B Torches or 8M Torch w/ PA-1 Adapter